Releasing Henry

Book #5
Book #1 Sweet Bea, Book #2 My Lady Faye, Book #3 Conquering William, Book #4 Rogers Bride. The youngest son of Anglesea, the once idealistic Henry has survived the Holy Pilgrimage, but lost all his deeply held beliefs in honor and nobility. Captured in battle, he is sold as a slave into the home of Alif Al-Rasheed, a wealthy Genovese merchant who has converted to Islam. Bereft of faith, imprisoned in a foreign land, Henry has lost hope in his ability to love again-until he lays eyes on his captor's daughter. To Henry, Alya is a beacon of beauty he cannot ignore. But the heart of this proud daughter of Cairo will not be won so easily. Divided by religion, language, and culture, Ayla has little in common with the disillusioned Englishman-and yet he has vowed to protect her life in exchange for his freedom.

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