The Futuristic Romance Collection

Book #1-3

The Shimmering” When skeptic journalist Sandra Lowell interviews a doctor who claims to have mastered astral projection, she volunteers to prove the doctor wrong. Except he's not. Sandra finds herself on another world, forced to help warrior Daveck recover the Zorash--an ancient totem that protects his planet. Without the Zorash, neither the planet, nor the love they begin to feel, will survive.

Seeker” In 2405, Sara accidentally triggers a machine that brings sexy scientist and womanologist, Kendar, from the future. His life's work has been the study of Sara Tolliver's doomed attempt to shut down the machine that ultimately obliterates the female population. In a race to interpret ancient Martian writings and find the truth about Sara's heirloom chest, failure is not an option. Because failure means Kendar loses Sara to the same disaster that cost the world everything.

Stargazing” Hounded by paparazzi eager for news of the disastrous surgery that paralyzed her vocal chords, megastar singer Merline Sullivan takes refuge in an antique shop, only to be catapulted hundreds of years into the future. Merline stands at a crossroads of love, stardom, and an intriguing promise of an exotic and erotic planet.

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