Wedding Bells Magic Spells

Book #7

Start with Magic Lost, Trouble Found. Name: Raine Benares Race: Elf Job: Seeker, bride, peace talks referee Problem: Back-stabbing diplomats, bride-hating mother-in-law. I've successfully destroyed the Saghred (AKA, a legendary soul-sucking rock). I've sent an evil goblin demigod to the Lower Hells. I'm coming to terms with my burgeoning new powers. I'm marrying super sexy paladin Mychael Eiliesor. You'd think I could handle a wedding and meeting my soon-to-be mother-in-law without another calamity brewing. You'd be wrong! The new, thankfully non-psychotic, Goblin King is willing to come to the table to discuss a peace treaty. The Isle of Mid is the site of these delicate negotiations, meaning all hands on deck for Mychael and his Conclave Guardians. When the head of elven intelligence (and my wedding guest) Duke Markus Sevelien is nearly assassinated upon his arrival, I suspect my mother-in-law will be the least of my concerns. Sabotaging the peace talks is the first salvo in a treacherous and deadly new apocalyptic plot. Mychael and I might not make it to the altar after all!

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