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Alek, immortal son of the Furies, has been charged to save his
home and recapture the souls of the damned who escaped
Tartarus into the Mortal Realm. He can't do it alone. Eva has
discovered that she has been both blessed and cursed with
powers beyond her comprehension. With a destiny to fulfill, she cannot
escape the beings on a mission to destroy her. Now the Nosoi spirits of
plague have been unleashed on the Mortal Realm, releasing a pandemic.
Alek and Eva must capture and banish the Nosoi back to their Underworld
prison but Eva has yet to harness her abilities and Alek sustains
catastrophic wounds in the attempt. They must rely on detective James
Graham, and Eva’s best friend Bridget, if they are to even slow down the
plague. But can mortals come through in the face of such peril?


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