Searching For Heather

Book #6

Start for Searching for Lilly. Ever since hearing about the mysterious woman in the woods who'd rescued his friends, Talon Ross has been intrigued. He can't rest until he's found her, made sure she's all right. But when he finally manages to track her down, he has to earn her trust. And there's an even bigger mystery surrounding the wary redhead, one he wants to solve so she can reclaim her life. Sunset Meadowblossom had known nothing but degradation and fear her entire life, until the fateful day she mustered the strength to escape the only family she's ever known. Living on her own in the forest is a dream in comparison, until a man she'd previously spied in her woods finds her makeshift home. Talon treats her with care and kindness, which is surprising. Sunset's always been warned away from Fallport and its citizens, but this man is making her want things she never considered and giving her the courage to claim them. Sunset soon learns Fallport has secrets-including the fact her name isn't Sunset at all. It's Heather and she'd been stolen from her real life years ago. As a whole new world opens up around her, as Talon and her new friends help her to learn and trust and grow, Heather has no idea someone from her past is lurking, outraged by her disobedience. Waiting to take back what he considers rightfully his. And when he strikes, it's up to Heather to save herself yet again.

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