Blood And Fire *Reissue*

BOOK #8  (ORIG 09/13)

Start with Behind Closed Doors. Now that the McClouds have finally found their long lost brother Kev, they have to contend with Kev's adopted brother Bruno. Bruno Ranieri has a lot in common with his adopted brother Kev McCloud's newly discovered biological family, right down to the dangerous secrets in his past-the ones that are about to explode in his face. Bruno's working around the clock to keep his own toy business going, while also saving the family diner. Then Lily Parr shows up in the middle of the night, on the run from mysterious killers. Bruno is helplessly drawn to her but Lily insists that Bruno's long dead mother is somehow mixed up her troubles, which is flat-out impossible. The woman has to be hallucinating but the violence that overtakes them is undeniably real. Lily doesn't know where to turn. All she knows is that whoever murdered her dad is now after her-and her dad's last words pointed her toward Bruno Ranieri's family for answers. When thugs attack outside of Bruno's family diner, he fights like a demon to defend her. No matter his doubts, he can't leave her unprotected, and soon they are both drawn into a desperate struggle against violence and greed, and a desire they cannot deny, or control.

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