Desperados Caress t/p

She's one of the first female Pinkerton agents, determined to find the man who killed her father. Revel Tyson won't rest until the outlaw who'd killed her father is behind bars or hanged and she is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, including freeing the one man who knows where to find him. But the man she's chosen to help her find him has his own plans, and that doesn't include dying. Jake Reno was about to hang when Revel Tyson saved his neck. But dying at the end of a rope might have been better than tracking down a notorious outlaw with the reputation of killing anyone who goes after him. The bargain: help her find Sam Bass in exchange for a full pardon of all his crimes. But he didn't bargain for the lady and that stubborn determination. On a dangerous trail that will take them through the New Mexico Territory then south into the mountains of Mexico, Revel and Jake become the hunted and are forced to rely on one another to find a ruthless killer. It's survive or die, and along the way both find something they didn't bargain for. For Revel, it's a man who won't compromise, won't run, and refuses to take the easy way out when she's abducted by a band of Comancheros. For Jake, it's a second chance with someone who is beautiful and strong with courage to match, and he can't ride away and leave her. Even if it gets them both killed.

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