Midnight Embrace

Book #1 Midnight Kiss. Emma Holland needs help. Something is wrong with the financial market and her colleague, a money genius who works with her at an investment bank, is missing. She is very good at dealing with money but this kind of trouble is out of her wheelhouse. She needs help and turns to her best friends, who work for a security company that knows how to deal with trouble. They send Raul Martinez, hard-eyed and hard-bodied, and just the man for the job. But Raul turns out to be a huge distraction, right when she needs all her wits. Raul Martinez has dealt with trouble all his life, he's fine with trouble. But something about the curvy redhead has all his senses aroused. She's stirred up a hornet's nest and someone very bad is after her. The idea of Emma hurt, Raul can't even go there. Not going to happen. The people after her are smart and ruthless, but Raul intends to keep her close.

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