Passions Splendor t/p

Reissue Orig 1987

Laine has lived her life not knowing who her real family was before she arrived in Philadelphia as a small child, along with hundreds of children who filled the orphan trains that travelled to the East. All she has is the name that was written on a piece of paper pinned to her dress--Dalton--the name of a notorious outlaw gang written about in the dime novels, with prices on their heads, responsible for dozens of deaths in the lawless West. Now a man has entered her life who may have the answers to the questions she's had her whole life--Who is she? What happened to her family? How did she get there? If she's brave enough, strong enough to follow him into the dangerous Oklahoma Territory where the Dalton name means blood and death. Marshal Ranse McCandliss lost his family in the lawless, dangerous Oklahoma Territory far beyond the tame streets of Philadelphia or Washington D.C. where he tracks down a young woman with an unknown past. He once rode with the oldest Dalton brother, until his friend was killed and he narrowly escaped. Now, he is the law, determined to learn the truth about the lady, her connection to the notorious Dalton Gang, and hunt down the rest of the Daltons once and for all. When the lady is taken hostage, he's forced to go after her, following a trail into the lawless Outlet where every man makes his own law, and it's kill or be killed. It's a path that will test them both and their unwanted feelings for one another as time runs out for the Dalton Gang in bloody last gunfight.

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