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Book #1 Highland Spy. Kaid MacLeod's clan has been dealt a staggering blow, leaving many of their kin slaughtered where they stood, including his father. Haunted by the fact that he couldn't save them, Kaid craves vengeance, but not through combat. Too many souls have been lost already. Instead, they will settle for peace by whatever means necessary. Their only chance is to kidnap his archenemy's intended, who has been rumored to be traveling through Scotland, and use her to negotiate an end to the bloodshed. Ever since she was young, Delilah Canterbury has had to think on her feet and forge her own path in life, a path she has always hoped would end in finding a place at King James' court. Her dream comes true and she not only gains the King's favor, she's invited into his rooms for an enchanting evening. And yet, the next thing she knows, she's been cast out, her dreams and her reputation in shreds. She is saved by a team of female spies, who take her in and teach her their ways. Now Delilah must go on her first mission, impersonating Lady Elizabeth, a noblewoman's daughter and the fiancée of a powerful Scottish Laird. As planned, Kaid takes the bait and she's poised to entrap him...but she can't help but wonder what it would like to be with him in truth. Will she give in to her desires and risk everything? Could a love born under deception ever grow to anything more than pain and strife for those souls who yearn for anything but.

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