Midnight Caress

Book #3

Riley Robinson is in deep trouble. She's the only one who
knows that a video that could catapult the world into full-scale
war is just a deepfake, but someone out there will stop at
nothing to silence her. Soon, a whole company of ruthless
mercenaries is running her down. The only one in her corner is
Pierce Jordan, a lone former SEAL that her friends sent to help
her, but one man is enough. One hard-eyed, hard-bodied,
extremely sexy, extremely capable man. And he'll do anything to keep her
safe. Pierce Jordan was sent by friends to protect a computer nerd girl in
trouble. Turns out the nerd girl is a brilliant bombshell, and the trouble could
burn the world to the ground. She's way out of his league, but it's up to him
to protect the knowledge in her gorgeous head, keep her from getting
slaughtered, and convince the world that she's telling the truth-all while
fighting a raging hunger that could destroy them both...

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