Highland Devil

Start with Highland Lion. Tate Sinclair carries on his family's legacy of honor, duty, and loyalty. While the clans compete during a Highland Gathering, a man Tate's known most of his life turns to him during a crisis. He must navigate politics and tangled alliances while supporting his friend and battling wits with the intriguing woman just beyond his reach. Adelaide Grant refuses to admit to herself or anyone else that her growing attraction to the visiting warrior might be the basis for a love that rivals any of the other Sinclair couples. With political alliances tested while her family hosts the Highland Gathering, Adelaide must protect her own friend from an enemy who would destroy two clans' future. Can Adelaide help repair her friend's fractured relationship? Will she admit she's drawn to the braw Highlander before he returns to his home? Despite their initial animosity, Tate and Adelaide must join forces when an enemy threatens to tear apart their friends' relationship. As they work together to help, Tate and Adelaide find themselves increasingly drawn to each other. With the help of their friends, who can see what Tate and Adelaide are too stubborn to admit, the two are thrown together time and time again. But just as they begin to explore their feelings an enemy refuses to relent and threatens to tear another couple apart. They must fight to protect not only their love but their lives.

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