Wager with a Siren


Book #1 Odds on the Rake, Book #2 The Duchess Gamble. 

Everyone loves Lord Julian Batchelor, Marquess of Ormonde. The golden boy of the ton, he knows everyone, and they think they know him, too. But Julian harbors dark secrets, and he's determined not to let anyone discover them-until he meets the one woman immune to him...

Lady Tessa Calthorp is everything unexpected in an aristocratic woman. Co-owner of a gaming hell, she sees Julian as simply another rich lord handed everything in life-but Julian surprises Tessa. First with a daring wager, then as a man-a very sensual man with a scandalous hobby that shocks...and delights.

Their wager becomes more than friendly as desire burns through all their scruples. When reality pierces through their passion, everything changes for Tessa-but Julian knows he can't break free from his past. Until Tessa reveals a secret of her own...

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