Extra Witchy

Book #3

Book #1 Witch Please, Book #2 Boss Witch. Leanne Vanderpol loves getting married. It's staying married that she has trouble with. These days, she hooks up with whoever she wants, however she wants, and when the honeymoon glow fades, she's the first-and fastest-to hit the bricks. Trevor Montgomery is living the 'no responsibilities' dream. His college girlfriend broke up with him, fed up with his lack of ambition. Five years later, he still has no life plan, and even his own parents have given up on him. While he pretends to be fine, inwardly he's a ball of stress and misery, wallowing in rejection and failure. She's a witch who can't let down her guard. He's a slacker who doesn't even dare to dream. Then these two lost souls meet each other at a party, and their lives change forever.

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