Hard Asset

Book #2
Book #1 Hard Target. Shanti Lahiri's tragic family history
inspired her to fight for justice. Now a prosecutor with the
International Criminal Court, she doesn't have time for
dating or relationships. When an investigation takes her to
the Rohingya refugee camps in her father's homeland of
Bangladesh, the last thing she wants is an armed security
team following her everywhere and frightening her already traumatized
witnesses. But others who've tried to investigate these crimes have gone
missing, and Shanti doesn't want to be the next one to disappear.
Despite her misgivings, she has no choice but to accept their protection.
And, no, the fact that the team's leader is lethally sexy has nothing to do
with her decision. Connor O'Neal left the Unit-Delta Force-after a
decade of war, scarred both inside and out. Now an operative with
Cobra International Security, he's been tasked with protecting Shanti in
one of the most dangerous parts of the world. He can handle anything
the bad guys throw at him, but nothing prepares him for the instant
attraction he feels to Shanti. From the first moment he sees her, he
wants her. Too bad, because clients are strictly off-limits, and he's a man
who follows the rules-most of the time. Besides, he can't afford any
distractions when Shanti's life is on the line. But something about Shanti
breaks through Connor's defenses, forcing him to confront his demons.
As their mutual desire transforms into reckless passion, Shanti discovers
evidence crucial to putting a mastermind of genocide behind bars.
Connor knows her life is in immediate danger, but his plan to get her
out of the country comes crashing down when a traitor strikes, leaving
the two of them stranded in the jungles of Myanmar. Now on the run
from a ruthless killer and his army, Connor and Shanti are fighting for
survival-and a chance at the love of a lifetime.

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