The Dukes Lost Love


Book #1 The Earl of Callanders Bride, Book #2 The Barons Saving Grace. Mrs Evanna Percival-Smyth, a widow of independent means, has agreed to chaperone Lady Cairstine McColl during the young lady’s stay at Corbridge. An act of kindness it may be, or perhaps an undertaking prompted by curiosity—for Cairstine is the daughter of the man she once hoped to marry. Hot on the trail of a would-be blackmailer, the Duke of Glenard arrives in the town of Corbridge to prevent his beloved daughter from paying the price of the fiend’s ransom demand. What he does not expect when he gets there is to find her in the company of his first love—the woman who threw him over in order to marry someone else. His love for Evanna still burns bright at the centre of his soul. Many years ago he believed she loved him too. In the aftermath of a tragic fire, he will discover the truth.

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