The Siege Bride

Book #9

Start with Boi Bride. Henry, Baron Roth, is laying siege to a Moorcondian duke who has proclaimed himself the new king of a separate country. Henry is tasked with the job of defeating the traitorous man and is prepared to wait as long as it takes, even if it means spending a boring winter in an increasingly hostile place. His luck turns when he discovers the duke's son hiding among a group of local nuns. The pretty boy could hold the secret to ending the confrontation without a slaughter on either side. Kellen has lived a life of indulgence, having no interest in politics and preferring to spend his time in pursuit of making wine. When his father comes under siege, a locked-out Kellen tries to escape past Henry's camp. Instead, he ends up in the man's imprisoning arms, a surprisingly comfortable place. His family loyalty is tested by an irresistible attraction. Henry settles in to entice Kellen to his side, but soon realizes that it is he who is being seduced. His duty is giving way to mounting desire. The more time they spend together, the less important the siege becomes.

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