The Barons Saving Grace


Book #1 The Earl Of Callandars Secret Bride. Grace Foston concocts an audacious ruse that will enable her sister to marry her one true love. However, it goes awry when she finds herself misguidedly rescued by the chivalrous intervention of George Armstrong, Baron Renfrew. Grace is not impressed and tells him so. She needs neither rescuing nor saving and doesn't appreciate his interference. George is intrigued by this feisty lady and determined she won't fall into the clutches of scoundrel Adrian Corbett. When Grace informs him just why she is with Corbett, George realizes they need to work together to foil the man. Love and life work in mysterious ways, and they manage to achieve what they set out to do. Falling in love wasn't on their agenda. How could it be? When Grace ia already married.

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