Wicked Ways

Book #5

Book #1 Wicked Games. Maggie Lachlan has rolled with everything the magical world has thrown at her. She's training with a Fae warrior, honing her witchy powers, and navigating life as the girlfriend of tech god billionaire Damon Riley. Until a witch from England arrives to meet with the local Fae and new trouble begins to stir, revealing that some of the Fae view Maggie as a threat to be eliminated rather than an ally in the fight against demons. Which means the last place Maggie should go is into the Fae realm. But to try to stop a witch bent on bending technology to his own dark purposes, she'll have to do just that. Worse, she'll have to take Damon-who doesn't have any magic to protect him-with her. It's a race against the clock through a land where the ancient magic is more complex than any code and there are no new lives or save points. To find her way safely home, Maggie will have to embrace every scrap of magic she's learned and hope that it's enough. 

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