Curse Of Darkness

Book #3

600 PAGES SERIES FINAL. Book #1 Promise of Darkness, Book #2 Crown of Darkness. Thiago is gone, and enemies surround me on all sides. But when the Queen of Ravenal offers me a deal-knowledge of my husband's true nature in exchange for my pledge to destroy my mother-there's a glimmer of hope in my world. I could have him back. I could return him to life. All I have to do is venture into the Underworld and barter with the God of Death...But when Thiago returns, even though his kiss is as familiar to me as my own breath, there are shadows in his night-dark eyes, and a violent, desperate sense of possession to his touch. It's like he's drowning, and my light is the only thing holding his head above the tide of Darkness threatening to consume him. But with a dark god rising in the north, and my mother threatening war, maybe we need his Darkness in order to vanquish all.... Maybe it's time we both unleashed the true nature of our powers.

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