Kanes Mate

Book #1

Faith York is human, but has psychic powers which is unusual since neither of her parents have paranormal abilities. Thankfully, the werewolf family who live around the corner help her learn to control her powers. She falls in love with the entire family, but especially the eldest son Kane. Unfortunately, Kane doesn't see Faith the same way she sees him. Heartbroken, she leaves town. When Faith returns after two years overseas, her parents throw her a welcome home party. Faith is shocked when Kane kidnaps her from the party and mate marks her. Now she struggles with the choice of whether to leave again or stay with the man she's always dreamed of and live a supernatural life. To complicate matters further, her psychic powers intensify and she begins to have visions of an impending demon Armageddon. Then she learns she was switched at birth, and she has a half-brother, who is half demon.

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