Rio *trade p/back*

Book # 2

Nella of Ariel is on the run, finding herself on Bor Narga, alone, penniless, friendless. She can trust no one-except the man who saves her from death by assassin bot and carries her off to his hideaway. He's a Shareem, he says. Rio. Level three. Nella has no clue what Shareem are, but Rio is enticing, sexual, rude, crude, and makes her laugh. He also burns fire through her blood as he teaches her to trust him, the only way a level-three Shareem knows how to. Rio had been on his way to get himself off stifling Bor Narga, where he lives as a near-slave. But he's intrigued by his damsel in distress. And she needs his protection. Protecting her and teaching her is worth missing his transport, and maybe being stuck on this rock forever.

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