Eland and Jeanne/ Maia and Ryan *trade p/back*

Book #.5 and #1.5

“Eland and Jeanne” Book # .5 Jeanne Narren is awakened one night by a man called Eland banging on her door and begging for water. She does not know he is Shareem, a level three, fleeing the closure of DNAmo, and hunted through the streets. Eland is grateful for the help and gives Jeanne a taste of passion, but knows he'll endanger her by staying and slips away before she wakes. Eland searches the city for Rees, a Shareem that rumor says can help him off planet. At the same time Jeanne hunts for Eland, intrigued by this man who made her feel beautiful.

“Maia and Rylan” Book # 1.5 Maia is the only female Shareem ever created. Sequestered by the researchers at DNAmo, her lonely existence is made bearable by Rylan, a level-two Shareem, who meets her in secret. Rylan promises Maia that they'll escape to the secluded canyons on the other side of the world. But on the chaotic day when DNAmo is shut down, Rylan finds Maia's cell empty, Maia gone. For the next twenty years, Rylan searches for her, barely clinging to hope. When finally it seems he's found her at last, there's a danger Maia won't be able to remember him, and the bond between them will no longer exist.

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