Joy Ride

Book #4

Book #1 Wild Ride, Book #2 Slow Ride, Book #3 Hard Ride. Walker and Dane are a team. Best friends doesn't even begin to cover what they are to each other. Nothing can break the bond they forged during their tumultuous teenaged years or strengthened during their time in the military. Except Joy. Dane's first crush and Walker's step sister, Joy has always had the power to throw a wrench in their lives even if she never realized her own allure. So when she shows up at Hot Rods motorcycle shop, a newborn in her arms, nine months after they slipped and slept with her before leaving town to prevent another mistake... They know life is about to change for whichever of them is the father of her baby as well as the man who's not as lucky. Especially when they realize her father isn't about to let her live the life she wants without a fight. Because no matter their own misgivings, they'd never let anything happen to the woman they've both loved for more than a decade. After all, they left her to protect her...even if it was from themselves.

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