How Much I Want

Book #4

Start with How Much I Feel. My reputation
with women stinks. I'll admit I haven't always
treated them with the respect they deserve.
That's not to say I'm a bad guy or anything.
What my sisters and cousin would call toxic, I
prefer to think of as selfish. But I'm ready to
change everything if it means I'll have a chance
with Sofia Diaz-and her son Mateo. They've been
through a lot with her ex-and she's still dealing with
him far more often than I'd like-but I'm prepared
to be there for both of them, to do whatever it
takes to make them happy. If only she'll stop
listening to my family members who would warn
her off me and give me a chance to show her how
it can be between us. Nico Giordino is the sexiest
man on the planet, but from what his sisters and
cousin tell me, I need to keep my distance. I've
already had one serious relationship end in the
most painful way possible. Mateo is all that matters
to me, and as he recovers from brain surgery to
remove a cancerous tumor, I've got my hands full
working at Nico's family's restaurant and taking
care of my son while trying to finalize my divorce.

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