Bear Facts *t/pback*

Book #15

Start with Pride Mates. Shane's bad day gets worse when his sanctuary on the mountains is invaded by an un-Collared wolf, who thinks attacking him is a great idea. Shane has no intention of getting involved in this lady Lupine's life, but there's something about her that raises his protective instincts to the highest they've ever been. Freya McHugh is in search of her brother, who disappeared from the city where the two of them had been living as human. The trail leads to a mercenary organization, with whom Freya has managed to land a meeting. That is, until a grizzly bear Shifter derails her plans. Shane not only screws up Freya's meeting with the woman mercenary leader but he spirits her to Shiftertown and a house full of bears. To make matters worse, he's stirring Freya's mating frenzy. She has things to do and a brother to find, but now Shane is filling the gaping hole in her life. The hunt for Freya's brother takes a turn, which poses grave danger to all Shifters. Shane and Freya must decide where their loyalties lie and face a peril that might destroy them.

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