Truth or Wolf

Book #1

Twin brothers Atticus and Ford Boone may share the same face and the same supernatural secret, but where Atticus is charismatic and charming, Ford is grumpy and reserved. When  Alice Aymes reluctantly returns to Green Valley to restart her stalled life, she's sure she knows what to expect. She'll save up the money she needs to escape to Nashville while nursing her secret infatuation with the ever-popular Atticus Boone-and fighting with her high school nemesis, his twin brother. Alice hates Ford, and he's always hated her right back. But after a case of mistaken identity has Alice kissing the wrong twin, she does what any good scientist does and analyzes the facts. Fact #1: It's time to revisit her unrequited crush on Atticus. Fact #2: Alice and Ford as fought for years. Apparently that now sends her amygdalae into sensual overdrive. Fact #3: The more bearded the wolf, the more protective and possessive. As Alice finds herself irresistibly drawn to the man she loves to hate. 

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