Book #3

Book #1 Stephan, Book #2 Richard, Book #2.5 Carl. Ryder Silverman: Thanks to the supposed gypsies, the men in my family become caveman when they find their soulmates. I’d given up on ever finding my “one” until my brother and cousin messed up and I came face to face with my destiny, Divinity Stamon. She is different than anyone I’ve ever met before, so allowing her to do this at her pace and not mine seemed like the perfect plan. But the “caveman” in me isn’t happy with this choice. Divinity Stamon: It’s hard looking after my younger brother while my dad is deployed. Especially when I get called to the Emergency Department because he’s been in a fight. I never dreamed that our trip to the hospital would bring me face to face with the hottest guy I’d ever seen. If first impressions were anything to go on, I wasn’t impressed with Ryder.

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