Celta Cats

Book #15.5

Start with Heart Mate.

Peaches Arrives on Celta” Plenty of problems for Peaches to fix: challenges to his status; people lying about Peaches’ human companion and Peaches himself; Grandma’s acting mean and there’s the concern that the Ship just might not land safely, fear he must overcome.

Zanth Gets His Boy” Zanth’s meeting with a noble boy running from evil people changes both their lives in ways he couldn’t imagine.

Pinky Becomes A Fam” Pinky is smart enough to know that there is a difference from being a regular cat and a Familiar Companion Cat, and bonding better with his boy. He’s determined to make the leap from cat to Fam, but didn’t realize exactly what that meant.

Zanth Claims Treasure” Yes, the southern estate smells great, even better smelling is the glass orb full of magic that he finds, and will fight to keep.

Baccat Chooses His Person” Life on the streets in the winter isn’t what Baccat deserves, and he’s determined to find a good person to take care of him. He has so much to offer but does he really deserve what he gets?

Zanth Saves The Day” A FamCat on a beach just can’t sleep with all that odd hatching going on. Zanth finds new friends and defends them against bullies.

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