Unfinished Business *Repack*

Book #16

Start with Edge of Evil. Mateo Vega, a one-time employee of Ali
Reynold's husband, B. Simpson, has spent the last sixteen years
of his life behind bars. According to the courts, he murdered his
girlfriend. But Mateo knows that her real killer is still on the
loose, and the first thing he's going to do when he gets freedom
is track him down. After being granted parole, a Mateo approaches Stu
Ramey of High Noon Enterprises for a reference letter for a job application, but
to his surprise, Stu gives him one better: He asks him to come on board and
work for B. again. Just as Mateo starts his new job, chaos breaks out at High
Noon-a tenant who is in arrears has just fled, and tech expert Cami Lee has
gone missing. As Ali races to both find a connection between the two
disappearances and help Mateo clear his name with the help of PI J.P.
Beaumont, tragedy strikes.

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