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Book #2

Book #1 Virtue. Anything worth having comes at a great price. A king's grandson robbed of his rightful inheritance. Domnall Fitz William, the descendant of two kings, has spent his life desperately seeking the approval of the man who disowned him, and preparing for the day he will reclaim both the lands that were stolen from him... and the girl he loves. A knight's daughter who longs for justice. As a young child, Davina of Crailing lost everything she loved-her family murdered and her home burned. As an orphan and heiress, Davina is taken in as a ward of the king, but his motives are far from benevolent. But her salvation will require his sacrifice. In desperate need of a champion and protector, Davina turns to Domnall, but saving her will come at a great cost. When forced to choose, will Domnall leave Davina on her own to avenge the past, or will he surrender his own ambitions to find the missing piece of his heart?

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