Blooded Blade

Book #8

Start with Blade Song. Over the past few years, Kit Colbana has dispatched some of the worst threats the non-human races could have imagined. Pandora--a mother of monsters. Puck, a father of nightmares. Jude, a vampire who nearly drove Kit to the brink of insanity. Then there was the Lemera, an ages-old creature of myth, born from Kit's own people, an unseen, undead assassin that hunts without rest, kills without remorse. Yet Kit walked away. Her grandmother's pet assassin failed to kill her so Kit wasn't surprised when yet another unwanted memory from her past shows up, looking to take her down. But her blood-hungry, homicidal aunt disappeared without a trace only hours after arrival. Is it a reprieve? Or something far worse? Kit's lover Damon is keeping secrets. Her grandmother's pet assassin, the Lemera, seems to have taken a liking to Kit. And her grandmother, Kit's own worst nightmare, is haunting her dreams. They're all on a collision course with fate and it can only end one way...bloody.

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