Guardian Of Darkness

Book # 4

Start with Born of Darkness. To repay a debt to an old friend, Breed vampire and former Hunter, Razor, has been drone surveilling a remote Colorado cabin for nearly a year, never imagining the woman he's become obsessed with from afar is anyone but his friend's lover, Laurel Townsend. When Razor is tasked with retrieving Laurel from imminent danger, he arrives only to find the cabin destroyed and the woman inside brutally murdered. Vowing justice against those responsible, Razor's hunt collides with Willow Valcourt, Laurel’s identical twin sister. Willow is on her way to visit Laurel when a Breed male mistakes her for her sister. Even more shocking is the revelation that Laurel has been murdered. The last person Willow should trust is a lethal predator like Razor, yet he is all that stands between her and the powerful enemies who killed her twin. A cross-country chase and cryptic clues left behind by Laurel send Willow and Razor on a journey that will take them from the twins’ tragic past to the threshold of an international scheme to wage a secret, final war on the Breed, with Willow plunged into the center of it. Drawn together by survival, haunted by loss, and surrounded by peril at every turn, Willow and Razor have only each other to prevent catastrophe. Yet as Willow surrenders to the needs only Razor can satisfy in her, and Razor vows to safeguard the true mate he never expected to find, their newfound passion will be put to the ultimate test that may cost both their lives.

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