Having the Tigers Baby


Book #1 Having the Wolfs Baby, Book #2 Having the Bears Baby, Book #3 Having The Dragons Baby. Lily has given up on the idea of ever finding the right partner to have a child with. So when her best friend mentions the Shifter Surrogacy Program, Lily feels she has nothing to lose. As alpha of a powerful tiger pride, time is running out for Gabriel to find a mate and make some heirs. Using the Shifter Surrogacy Program wasn't his first option. When his surrogate turns out to be the woman of his dreams, there's nothing stopping him from making her his mate. A member of the pride has gone missing, and when he later turns up dead, Gabriel knows someone out there is threatening the pride. And a threat to the pride means a threat to Lily and their future child. Working together, Gabriel and Lily face the threat head-on while the mating bond strengthens, and they try to keep the family they have created alive.

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