Timeshare Boyfriend

Evie Turner and Adam Pierce start
off with the perfect summer
romance, but when they reunite five
years later, he acts like she is wet
sand on the bottom of his
expensive shoes. Hurt and
embarrassed, Evie dedicates her two
weeks at the timeshare each year to making him
regret his decision. Throughout their young adult
years, she tortures him-in a bikini. After his words
sting like jellyfish, she wants him on his knees,
begging for forgiveness. Begging for her. The girl in
love with love. The boy who watches mob movies
to remind himself that trust means betrayal. A clock
of two weeks ticks away until they spend another
three hundred and fifty-one days trying to forget
each other. Until next year. As the passion between
them rises with the summer temperature, Evie can't
help but feel his embraces are like a sunset: beautiful
and temporary. Above all, Evie must not forget one
very important lesson: If he is hot, he can burn you.

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