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The Masquerade Of The Marchioness


Philomena Wright, Marchioness of Arlingview, is universally admired for her intellect, good sense and charitable efforts on behalf of widows and orphans. A woman with every advantage, she also has a guilty secret: in truth, she is Philomena's twin sister, Penelope. Dreading spinsterhood, she attends a masquerade ball in the hope of finding a suitor before admitting the truth-only to encounter a gentleman who stirs her like no other. Garrett Wright misses the purpose-and the peril-of his work as a spy during the war and is bored with his disguise as a reckless rake. When he agrees to help unveil a jewel thief preying upon London society, he is beguiled by a beauty who awakens a dream-and becomes determined to unveil the truth, whatever the cost. When he finds stolen gems in her possession, Garrett fears his lady has a more dangerous secret than her identity. Forced to choose between honor and love, how will he both fulfill his duty and secure a happy future with the woman who has captured his heart forever?

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109 - 109 of 131 results