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Rebel Hearts t/p

From the last stand at the Alamo to the events of today, it's apparent that even the most notorious of rebels are capable of love... It's been said that the love of a woman can make the man. But what if that man is a rebel-an outlaw? When love is on the line, can a desperado truly change and be the man that every good woman wants and needs? Six best-selling and award-winning authors have tackled this challenge. Join along as romantics everywhere dive into this whirlwind anthology in search of an answer to the question plaguing their hearts... What will it take for a rebel to change his ways? Includes “Outlaw Ghost” by Kat Martin, “Hearts Great Temptation” by C K Grigger, “Irish Kelly And The Heartbreak Kid” by Sharon Sala, “The Reluctant Train Robber” by Jenna Hendricks, “Redeeming The Outlaw” by Kit Morgan, and “No Quarter” by Kathleen O’Neal Gear.

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115 - 115 of 135 results