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A Rose Among Thorns

Book #2

Book #1 Picking Up the Gauntlet. As the eldest son of Lord Corbett Blake, Sir Rook Blake is betrothed to a lady he's never met and expected to produce noble heirs. To his dismay, his betrothed has a reputation for being demanding, snobby, and hard to please. Rook has just acquired his own manor, but the grounds are in disrepair. The garden needs to be transformed for the wedding before his haughty betrothed arrives. Hiring a master gardener seems like a good idea, until he realizes the gardener has sent his daughter, Primrose in his place. Primrose Ashdown knows all about plants, having worked with her father for most of her life. She was the force behind the famous labyrinths and flower gardens of the nobles that has made her father a favorite with those from above the salt. When her father has an accident, Primrose goes in his place to fulfill the next job. She's heard of the arrogant, womanizing lord named Rook and is afraid he will be nothing but trouble. Primrose is serious about her work, so when Rook doesn't feel she is capable of the challenge, she decides to show him what she can do. She is a woman with a mind of her own, and he is a man who doesn't believe she should have one. Their wits meet, and somehow the games between them turn into foreplay, causing Primrose to fall for a man she never even expected to like. Love has no bounds but marriage has rules. A noble must never wed anyone from below the salt.

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115 - 115 of 134 results