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Song of the Fianna

Book #1

After his sister suffers a violent attack from their local king, Finn Ulfsson is willing to do anything to protect his peasant family from further abuse. When his lifelong plan of becoming a master bard crumbles around him, Finn happens upon one final opportunity to provide protection for his family-joining the ranks of the legendary Fianna warriors. The grueling trials and risk of death are nothing compared with the shame of returning home a failure. As Finn navigates the challenges of the trials and builds bonds with his fellow competitors, he accidentally falls for the one woman he can't have: his best friend's sister. Eva nic Murrough had no trouble sacrificing her future on behalf of her brother. Taken willingly as a hostage of war, Eva spends her days in social exile as an outsider-until her brother and his friend arrive to rescue her. Though she doesn't want to be rescued, for the only way out is for someone else to take her place, Eva does long for companionship. When her brother's charming friend Finn agrees to give her music lessons, a glimmer of light breaks into Eva's gloomy world. Trouble threatens as Finn and Eva face the realities of their situation. As a hostage, it would be impossible for Eva to secure approval for a marriage. Even if she somehow managed it, how could Finn betray his best friend? Could he still save his family? Could she betray hers?

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116 - 116 of 134 results