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Lion of Twilight

Book #1

Richard "Roi" de Lohr is the second son of Richard the Lionheart's champion, Christopher de Lohr. Roi was raised in the finest homes and with the finest training. Emerging as a powerful and intelligent knight, he married the woman he wanted and enjoyed the life of prestige he had earned. When his wife gave birth to a son, Roi's life was complete. When Roi's wife dies in childbirth with their second child, he is devastated. But he's a de Lohr and de Lohrs don't crumble. He raises his son alone, proud that the lad promises to take his place among the great de Lohrs. He even arranges a marriage for his son with the daughter of a prestigious lord, an heiress of great wealth. Everything is going as planned. But tragedy strikes again. Roi's son is killed in a freak accident, leaving Roi shattered beyond repair. The prestigious lord, however, has no sympathy and demands that Roi fulfill the marriage contract or risk losing a strong alliance. With Roi's son gone, that means Roi, a widower, must marry the young heiress he's never even met. From one of the finest families in England, that prestige masked a problem - naturally vivacious and charming, Diara has earned herself a scandalous reputation that Roi wasn't told about. He's rather reserved by nature, serious and deliberate, and when he finds himself married to a woman who can light up an entire room with simply her smile, he's taken aback. There are whispers of Diara's flirtations and the men she has conquered. Roi suspects he has gotten himself into a miserable marriage. But that soon changes as he comes to know the lightning bolt known as Diara. Deedee. And so begins a love story for the ages. Treachery and deceit, it seems, aim directly for Roi and Diara as their relationship deepens.

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121 - 121 of 135 results