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Dancing on Air

Book #4

Start with Picking Up the Gauntlet. Lady Eleanor Blackmore was at one time betrothed to Connor Wyland, son of a baron. Then life changed horribly when Connor's father took the job of hangman, sealing his family's fate and ending her future with Connor. Not wanting anyone but Connor, Eleanor takes a job at a nunnery caring for orphans and helping to find them homes. As fate has it, Eleanor, though forbidden to ever see him again, seeks out Connor one day, ending up at the hangman's doorstep with a request that will change everything. At one time, Connor Wyland had everything to live for. He was a noble, a son of a baron, and betrothed to his best friend, Lady Eleanor Blackmore. When his father makes a bad decision and is condemned to death, the man makes a deal to save his life. He accepts the position of hangman, securing his life but ruining Connor's in the process. Connor's family has lost their title, lands and money. Everyone treats a hangman and his family worse than lepers or those with the plague. Having lost all respect was hard, but nothing compared to Connor's intense sorrow of losing his betrothed. Now, as the law states, once Connor's father passes on, Connor will inherit the position of hangman. His life comes crashing down even harder when, right after his father dies, Eleanor appears at his doorstep begging him for something that he has no right to give.

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123 - 123 of 142 results